Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising is More Effective than Forms of Digital Advertising

Did you know that OOH (out of home) advertising actually drives more internet activity than other forms of traditional media? This may seem surprising, but with the proliferation of smartphone use, it does make sense. What is really surprising are the results from a study from Outdoor Advertising Association of America that says that out of home advertising is actually more effective in driving search and social media activity than digital banner advertisements.

What this study found is that almost 50 percent of adults in the last six months in the United States have used a search engine i.e. Google, due to seeing an out of home advertisement, like mobile billboard truck advertising. This is in comparison to less than 40 percent who used a search engine after seeing an ad on social media or a website. The study also shows that close to 40% checked out a Facebook page or made a post on Facebook after seeing an out of home advertisement versus just over 30 percent who saw a banner ad online.

It’s probably true that people are so inundated with ads while they’re using the internet and various social media platforms that they kind of block out the content. It’s almost seen as an invasion to many people who may even feel a bit creeped out when something they have searched shows up in other places. It creates a feeling of a lack of privacy that doesn’t occur with mobile billboard truck advertising.

Faced with this information, it may be a good idea to consider cutting down on digital spending and using your advertising budget, in more effective and innovative ways. Contact Ads-N-Motion today to get a quote for our mobile billboard truck advertising services today.