Learn Why Our Mobile Billboard Trucks are an Ideal Platform

If you’re looking for a way to maximize the impact of your advertising budget, our mobile billboard trucks are a sound decision. With a proven history of garnering attention, our mobile billboards are certain to attract potential customers. Unlike traditional billboards, which are static and easily ignored, our advertising trucks are constantly in motion, moving throughout the areas where you know that potential customers reside. Whether you want to go all out with flashy colors and decorations or you prefer a simpler, more traditional scrolling advertising, Ads-N-Motion can help.

The customizable features of our mobile billboard trucks

Don’t settle for traditional, easily ignored advertising, tailor your message – and delivery – by working with Ads-N-Motion! You can customize our truck to complement your company’s theme and style. Our mobile billboard truck includes:

  • Lighting systems to keep your message visible
  • Scrolling panels to deliver multiple messages
  • Glass panels to show off your product displays
  • Eight external speakers to play music or advertisements

Ads -n- Motion

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